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CSS Drilling Tools Understands the risk being taken by you when deciding to go in for hole enlargement. That's why we take great care in the way we build, test and inspect all of our underreamers to insure a timely and safe completion of your job. We offer many variations and sizes of Underreamers that will insure we will be able to offer you a tool to get the size you need.

We can provide specialized underreamers as small as 1.7" 00 all the to tools that will open hole to SO" so with time, we can always find exactly what you are looking for.

From our traditional Rock-Type Underreamers, to Drilling Underreamers and Drag-Type, we can provide you with the right tool for any specification. With our close working relationship with Hole Opener Corporation we will bring you the latest in designs and new products available for top of the line performance.
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