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CSS Drilling Tools offers all shapes and sizes of welded-blade stabilizers to help keep the integrity of your hole you want. Our welded Blades help assure maximum fluid circulation as well as minimizing downhole torque

All of our stabilizers are cut from a solid piece of 4140 stock and then welded with blades to fit any size that you need. We carefully preheat and post heat all of our tools with our slow cooling process so you can be sure that the integrity of the tool will hold up for full completion of your project.

We have Near Bit, Spiral, Angled, Straight Blade and Reverse Stabilizers available to suit your needs. Many of our tools are Bored for a Float, but know that we will modify any tool needed to fit your application. We have 3, 4 or 5 blade set-ups will build any size tool to suit. We can also provide high-temp floats to you if needed.

We know it's tough to find those under-gauged tools that you need for certain clean out runs so CSS Drilling Tools makes it a point that we will make any under-gauged tool that you need if we don't already have it in stock. If it has a home, CSS Drilling Tools will build it for you.

Standard sizes are 6" through 17- 1/2" in all variations and sizes, but if you are needing smaller are larger tools for your application those are assuredly available upon request.
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