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The CSS Safety Department ensures that each employee adheres to our 3 safety focuses:
  • Focus on using your knowledge and training
  • Focus on making good decisions
  • Focus on making safety values part of your everyday life
We coach our employees to comply with all safety requirements. Our employees are trained to be familiar with the specific safety and training requirements that are particular to their job. We uphold the decision that an employee shall refuse their work if it would place themselves or coworkers in immediate danger and assuming full ownership for hazard abatement. Employees are encouraged to report all accidents, incidents and near misses immediately and accurately to their supervisor.
All employees are required to attend our safety training to ensure they comprehend our 5 safety laws:
  1. You are to inspect all equipment and tools before use and report any damage or defects.
  2. You are to identify and report all unsafe acts or working conditions.
  3. You are to perform all job functions in a safe manner.
  4. You are to correctly use and maintain all tools and personal protective equipment.
  5. You are to remember that every job can and will be done safely.

Here are a few pictures from our Safety Bootcamp:

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