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Our traditional Rock-Type Underreamer is as good as it gets for large hole enlargement to over double it's body size. The 3-Arm interlocking pin system allows you know that your hole is going to be the desired size you want. This tool is made almost entirely of heat-treated 4140 stock to help combat the rigorous conditions of down hole drilling. The tool itself is hydraulically driven with your pumps and with the heavy duty spring and piston design will automatically close with the flow of fluid being stopped. We take great care in making sure all tools are inspected and tested before heading to your location. Each tool is pressured up to 1500 lbs to simulate the down hole actuation and then released repeatedly to make sure that our arms with close every time.

We understand that the great tool will go only so far, so our experienced service team will always be there to answer any questions you may have and be on the rig floor to make sure everything goes smoothly. All of our RTU Underreamers are driven from your bottom connection with a Drive Sub specifically designed to smoothly crossover our tool to your standard Drillout Pilot Bit Sub so there is never any worry about trying to find that oddball crossover to run our tool

We have Mill Tooth and TCI Cutter Sets Available in many styles and sizes so that we can finish the job efficiently so you can move on quickly to the completion of you hole.

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