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DTS Underreamers (Drag-Type Stabilized) are specifically designed for clean out work or for opening small holes. The 00 tools (see Parameters chart) are particularly useful in thru tubing applications. These tools use two sets fo blades. Tools 1.70 through 3.50 lower blades are designed to cut all the way to the center, which is useful in cleaning out casing.

Note: Blades may be dressed with crushed carbide, PDC, or ADD cutters when applicable.

When used for this purpose, both sets of blades are dressed to the desired gauge (stabilizing the underreamer) to assure a full gauge hole. The DTS425 is designed with an integral bull nose and the bottom blades "fixed" for stabilization purposes. When using either type of DTS underreamer to underream an existing pilot hole, the lower blades are sized to the pilot hole and the upper blades are dressed to the desired hole size.

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